Smart home: a beginner’s guide to making your home more sustainable

· September 3, 2021

Starting out your sustainability journey? Then this course is for you.

The estimated time to complete this mini-course is 2 hours. 

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As an owner or manager of a home, you are responsible for how resources, such as water and energy, are used by those in your household. These actions have knock on effects for our environment, and our individual impacts on climate change and resource depletion.

By setting up your home to be as resource efficient as possible you can not only save resources, but money too. 

This course is adapted from the City of Cape Town’s Smart Living Audit Guide for Your Home. It is supported by the more comprehensive Smart Living Handbook, available here. 

For further reading, the City of Cape Town’s Smart Living Guides, provide comprehensive guidelines to making your home, workplace and lifestyle more sustainable, using resources more efficiently, and therefore keeping both costs and consumption to a minimum.

What to expect?

In lesson 1, we will look at how to use energy more efficiently in your household. We will learn how to measure our energy usage, choose the right lightbulb and cook smart to save power.

In lesson 2, we investigate how to conserve water in our households. This will include how plumbing choices affect consumption, everyday tips for reducing water usage and an overview of both greywater and rainwater systems.

In lesson 3, we focus on reducing household waste. We’ll take a deep dive into our waste: how to separate it, reuse it and recycle it.

In lesson 4, we discover how we can protect biodiversity in our homes. This means focusing on indigenous gardening, setting up food gardens, composting, and nurturing our avian garden visitors.

In lesson 5, we show you how to perform your own home audit, along with downloadable pdfs to put your learnings into practise!

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Course Includes

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