Sustainable food cultures: how our appetites can transform our cities

Food cultures in urban spaces are ever shifting and are expressed in both tangible and intangible ways. As Africa’s urban population is rapidly growing, the question around ‘what is on the menu’ of urban dwellers is increasingly becoming important to understand and address. This is because of the powerful and intricate way in which choices around food are linked to urban infrastructure, health and wellbeing of the citizens, diversity and inclusion as well as nature and climate.

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This webinar will explore what sustainable food cultures mean through the lenses of different actors across the urban food system. It will attempt to break down and understand the power structures around food, food related infrastructure and celebrate food and the connections it makes. Moreover, the webinar will explore what the building blocks are for a food culture that meets people’s nutritional needs and centers agency, independence, sustainability, resilience and autonomy. It will do this through storytelling, history, photography and highlighting ongoing initiatives that are shaping our experiences of the food system in our cities.


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