Jobs for climate: A critical component of resilience

LOCS4Africa 2020

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Climate change affects already highly vulnerable countries and communities in Africa. Risks of crop failure and the destruction of infrastructure and productive assets in agriculture, industry, and tourism demand a rapid expansion of social protection systems considering climate change factors.

It is therefore essential that national programmes for mitigation and adaptation embed mechanisms of insurance, income guarantees, and employment programmes to enhance resilience and protect the livelihoods of communities. Additionally, small business is key to job creation with Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) playing an important role in an economy. They can be key drivers of economic growth, innovation and job creation.

Join this session to discuss and learn how can governments and the private sector can work together to ensure communities and the next generation engage in productive livelihoods in order to prevent significant increases in extreme poverty and civil unrest, while enhancing action on climate change.

ICLEI Africa’s LoCS4Africa 2020 virtual congress, in partnership with The Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa and others.

Co-hosted by The Government of Rwanda, The City of Kigali and The Rwandan Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA).


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