Effective communication: lessons for responding to climate change and health pandemics

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Meeting the diverse needs of decision-makers as they seek to understand and address climate change is a formidable challenge. This is even more pressing in times of crisis, such as the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Emergent needs and vulnerabilities, cross-cutting themes and the complexities surrounding decision-making argue for new kinds of communication techniques and new models for engagement. Preferably, ones that build on the strength of existing methods but also pioneer new models for information dissemination, knowledge generation and collaboration.

In this webinar, experts in the field of communication, as well as leading decision-makers from national, provincial and local governments in African cities come together to unpack important questions that many in the urban sustainability industry are currently contemplating.

The webinar will deep-dive into pioneering African cases to pull out tangible lessons, reflect on local challenges and opportunities and learn about success and failures for replicability.