All together now: mobilising public finance for integrated infrastructure solutions

LoCS4Africa 2020

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Nexus has emerged as a powerful concept among sustainability discourses because of its explicit articulation of the interdependencies between systems. However, while the concept began with a motivation to improve food-, energy- and water- security for all, this has shifted towards a technical approach that focusses on resource optimization, rather than delivery of integrated approaches for social wellbeing.

Further, nexus theory, which promotes integration of sectors, is in tension with public administration approaches which separate departments, funding lines and mandates, making integrated approaches difficult for local government. However, purposeful mobilisation of public finance tools, such as Own-Revenue Generation, Strategy-based Budgeting and Sustainable Public Procurement, can support effective investment in infrastructure solutions, as well as integrated implementation.

This session explores the question of how changing our funding approaches can allow for the realisation of more sustained and cross-cutting sustainability solutions. Particularly, we ask how finance can drive a shift from project-based, champion-led approaches, towards more programmatic, long-term processes which slowly add and reinforce cross-sectoral integration.

ICLEI Africa’s LoCS4Africa 2020 virtual congress, in partnership with The Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa and others.

Co-hosted by The Government of Rwanda, The City of Kigali and The Rwandan Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA).


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