All things clean cooking

This infographic was developed after a fire ravaged Sierre Leone’s largest and poorest informal settlement, Susan’s Bay in March 2021. The fire is reported to have affected more than 7 000 people from 1,597 households. Though the cause of the fire was not determined, suspicions were that poor electrical installations and the use of fire for outdoor cooking were most likely the cause.

As part of the Enabling African Cities for Transformative Energy Access (ENACT) project, we are determined to work with local governments to create an enabling environment to provide adequate, safe, reliable, clean and affordable forms of energy to the urban poor residing in informal settlements and slums in Kampala, Uganda and Freetown, Sierre Leone.

ENACT is part of the Transforming Energy Access (TEA) programme, funded with UK Aid from the UK government; it is managed by the Carbon Trust and delivered by ICLEI Africa, with support from Energy 4 Impact.